The most expensive college football ticket can be found here

2 in 2014, when they narrowly trailed Ohio State. 1 in price three of the last four years and were No. They’ve been No. Notre Dame’s home game that day vs.

CNNMoney (New York) First published September 2, 2016: 3:21 PM ET

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The most expensive college football ticket can be found here – Sep. 17 game when Ohio State visits Oklahoma will be the most expensive game in college football, with an average price of $687.86 to see the first Big Ten team to visit Oklahoma in 30 years. That comes to an average of about $30 million per school.

While Notre Dame has the highest average ticket prices, the Sept. The Alabama tickets are actually 12% cheaper than they were last season. The team’s large fan base beyond those who attended the school helps drive up demand for tickets, along with prices. 2 Ohio State this season.


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Meanwhile tickets to watch defending national champions Alabama are a relative bargain at an average price of $142.28.

The college football season starts this weekend. Notre Dame football brought in nearly three times that average amount, or $86.2 million.

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Total football revenue for the 146 schools with major programs came to $3.7 billion for the 2014 season, the most recent figures reported to the federal government.

These are the prices that the tickets which are resold by fans, not what the teams get for tickets. That makes them only the 21st most expensive ticket, despite the team’s recent on-field success.

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While that’s little changed from what Fighting Irish fans paid last year, it’s 17% more than the average price for games at No. Michigan is the fifth most expensive ticket of the season at $524.23. 2, 2016 by Chris Isidore   @CNNMoney September 2, 2016: 3:21 PM ET

Fans will pay an average of $335.35 on the secondary ticket market to watch Notre Dame at home in South Bend this season, according to ticket tracker TiqIQ.

Notre Dame tickets are frequently the most expensive college tickets in the country Click Here

Softball Rules and Positions

Leading off the bases is not permitted under any circumstances.

Interference in play is when a player of either team intentionally obstructs the path of either the runner as he tries to get to a base or that of an opposing team player as he tries to gather the ball or effect an out.

If the fault is of the batter or baserunner, the guilty player is declared out and the other runners need to return to their previous bases.

In case the obstruction was caused by a defending team player, the opposing team player gets to reach the base that he would otherwise have covered without the obstruction.

As mentioned earlier, there are 9 players on each side in the sport of softball. first baseFirst Baseman

This player is positioned just beside first base and is assigned the task of fielding any balls that come in that area.

third baseThird Baseman

This player is positioned just to the left of third base and covers that area. The game of softball is very similar to the game of baseball, hence there are a lot of similarities between softball and baseball rules.Similar to baseball, there are 9 players in each team. All the pitches made by the pitcher must be underhand throws.

Rules and Regulations


The shortstop is positioned between the second base and the third base. The relatively simple gameplay also makes it a favorite amongst kids looking to take up a new sport.

Softball rules and positions are very easy to understand. It was also an Olympic sport for women, but was dropped from the Olympic games in 1996. The first and most prominent among them being the fact that fast-pitch softball is similar to baseball in many ways, and the strategies and techniques applied in it are more or less along the lines of regular baseball. The pitcher’s mound is located in the center of the diamond in the infield area. This players primary job is to field any balls that fall in this area.. In an official game there are a total of 7 innings.

There are 4 bases, and the distance between each base is 60 feet. The hit counts as one run.

bullet ballOffense – The batting team or any of its players are called offense.

bullet ballPlay Ball – This is the umpire’s call or commencing or resuming the game.

bullet ballSafe – When a base runner make it to a base without getting out, he is ‘safe’.

bullet ballStrike Out – When the batter misses the three balls in a row pitched within the strike zone, he ‘strikes out’.

Softball is a sport that is played by a large number of people across the United States. A pitch is counted as a strike if the batter misses the ball completely and the catcher positioned behind the batter catches the ball.

A batter will also be deemed out if a high ball hit by him is caught by a player from the fielding team before it touches the ground (this is known as a fly ball).

Unlike baseball, the ball has to be pitched underhand in the sport of softball.

Before pitching the ball, both the pitcher’s hands must be on the ball.

The pitcher must keep both his feet firmly planted on the pitcher’s plate, and while pitching the ball, he must take one step forward.

Each base must be touched by a base runner in the correct order.

A base runner cannot pass another base runner who is in front of him. This number can actually vary between 9 and 12 (depending on the level of the league that the game is being played in), but in most cases there will be only 9 players on each side.

The field of play is divided into two main parts – the infield and the outfield.

The pitcher is required to pitch the ball from the pitcher’s mound which is located at the center of the diamond. As opposed to both baseball and fast-pitch softball, slow-pitch softball employs underhanded pitching of the ball and also needs a smaller playing area. The following is a list of the positions occupied by players in the sport of softball.


The pitcher throws the softball from the pitcher’s mound to the catcher. He must stay at least one base behind him at all times.

The runner has to be on a base until the ball leaves the pitcher’s hand. When the pitcher pitches ‘ball’ four times, the batter get to move on to first base.

bullet ballBase Runner – A batter who reaches a base safely is called a base runner.

bullet ballBases Loaded – When all the bases are occupied by runners, it’s called bases loaded.

bullet ballBullpen – The warmup area, usually just by the side of the playing area is called the bullpen.

bullet ballDugout – The area just by the side of the playing field, where the players from the offense team wait for their turn is called the dugout.

bullet ballDead Ball – When the ball is no longer in play, it is called dead ball.

bullet ballDiamond – The playing area of a softball field, as it is shaped like a diamond goes by this name.

bullet ballFoul Ball – Foul ball is called if the ball is hit into the foul territory on either side of the batter.

bullet ballHome Run – When the ball is hit out of the legal playing area, it is called a home run. Their job is to catch fly balls, ground balls and line drives.

bullet ballBall – Any ball that is pitched outside the strike zone is called ball. Slow-pitch softball is the more popular of the two, as its rules are relatively simpler, which makes it an ideal choice even for the rookies out there. He also attempts to catch the throws made by the fielders in order to get the base runner running towards the home plate out.

outfielderOutfielders (Left, Right, and Center)

These are players positioned on the outfield Click Here

Gambling Blogs – A Review of Popular Betting Blogs Online

Gambling blogs are everywhere on the Internet. It doesn’t matter if you are new to betting or an experienced punter, gambling blogs can provide valuable advice and tips.

? How good or how bad customer service is.

? A discussion of the odds being offered.

? The current bonuses on offer by particular bookies.

? The type of betting limits that exist.. Whether it is horse racing; harness racing; dog racing; sporting events; novelty events; or, casino games, gambling blogs will be able to direct you in the right direction. The blog stands for what is affectionately known as the Weblog (i.e. Take on as much information as you need, filter if necessary and place that bet online. Not only are words used, images and videos are also added to blogs. If you have ever done a search on the Internet, there is no avoiding the blog. Why? Because much of this information must be incorporated into your betting strategy. They can back up your ideas and provide tips that you otherwise would never have heard about. You might find, however, that a gambling blog gives you advice and tips to follow that plan of action. In essence, the discussion on the blog might support your ideas and give you the self-assurance to really follow through with your winning strategy. Times have changed and so has the way you place a bet. web and log). Those who write the blogs are often experts in their field and have already conducted the background research in order to present the facts and their professional opinions.

Gambling blogs provide priceless information, research, tips and advice that a punter can use to inform their betting strategy. If you find the right blog, you will be able to use this information and background research to your advantage.

? The ways the punters can deposit or withdraw monies and winnings.

There is no need to conduct exorbitant amounts of background research on the betting event of your choice.

? How secure the website is and if they have encountered any problems.

Additional Benefits of Gambling Blogs

Some Information Found in Gambling Blogs

In many cases, you will find out that the blogger in question actually has a lot of contacts and a great network within the industry. Some types of information, advice and tips you might come across in gambling blogs include:

? The different types of fees involved in signing up to a website.

? The type of software that is required to be downloaded when you join an online bookie and whether it is reliable.

When you find a good blog, work out whether the source is reputable and trustworthy. That is, you might have a particular betting strategy in mind, but lack the confidence to really put it into practice.

? The ease-of-use of a gambling website or perhaps difficulty.

? Current special promotions or prizes that are on offer by specific bookmakers. In this sense, the blog is a running commentary by a person or organisation on any topic. They are provided by professional punters who’ve been in the industry for decades and often have inside knowledge of what is going on and what the discerning punter needs to do to place that winning wager.

Gambling blogs can have as varied content as there are gambling sites and betting events. Many gambling blogs are written by experts. Gambling blogs are just one type of blog that can be located on the Internet. Finding and reading gambling blogs could really make the difference between significant gambling profits and mediocre performance.

? How reputable a particular bookmaker is or is not.

? The positive and negative aspects of the online bookie’s terms and conditions.

Gambling blogs will also give you advice and tips about which online bookmakers are more aligned with certain betting events. This means that they will give you snippets of gambling information that might not otherwise be known. It is certainly not a stretch of the imagination to believe that they can form a fundamental basis to your betting decisions. Once you have ascertained that it is indeed so, soak the information up as if you were a sponge.

Blogs can also give you peace of mind Click Here

All Bets Are Off On ‘Survivor’

He declined further comment on the allegations, or on any action CBS might take.

© 2003 The Associated Press. The biggest payoff, $8,000, came on a $1,000 bet placed on the fifth “Survivor” at 8-to-1 odds.

At least two players have been identified as CBS employees and other names may be connected to the network or may be aliases, Bradley said. “Some have been right, many have been wrong.”. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. The players in question opened accounts with BoDog before “Survivor: Marquesas,” the fourth show, and bet only on the show and no other events.

They wagered correctly on who would be the final two contestants in both the fourth and fifth editions of “Survivor,” Bradley said. All Rights Reserved. Most offshore sportsbooks accept such alternative bets, said BoDog’s Bradley.

By Lynn Elber

Callers to the offices were told that wagers were no longer being accepted on “Survivor.”

For the current “Survivor,” the bets in question affected the odds for contestants Jenna Morasca of Pittsburgh, Pa., and Matthew Von Ertfelda of Washington, D.C.

“We’re pretty sure this is the case,” Bradley said. “Only ‘The X-Files’ has more conspiracy theories than ‘Survivor,'” CBS spokesman Chris Ender said. One person was said by BoDog to work in a “production role” for CBS.

The players’ current bets on “Survivor: Amazon” have been canceled and their money refunded, Bradley said. Bradley said that bets taken from those alleged to be with CBS skewed the odds significantly on “Survivor” contestants.

Odds will be offered on the seventh “Survivor” but all bettors will be carefully monitored, BoDog President Rob Gillespie said in a statement.

The show narrows the field to two finalists in filmed competitions.

An online sportsbook said it has dropped betting on CBS’ “Survivor” after allegedly finding that network employees were wagering – and winning – on the hit reality show.

The Costa Rica-based found at least two CBS employees betting on the show’s outcome, said BoDog spokesman Lance Bradley. The winner is unknown until he or she is chosen in a vote by other contestants during a live broadcast.

He wasn’t aware of any other possible legal sanctions.

Betting on events other than sports or racing is banned in Las Vegas sportsbooks, a spokeswoman for the Nevada Gaming Control Board said Thursday. The suspicion is they had insider knowledge, he said.

BoDog requires that bettors must not have knowledge of an event’s outcome. Asked if BoDog might consider legal action, he replied: “It’s not something we’d want to pursue, as a matter of precedent.”

“Throughout the history of ‘Survivor,’ many have believed they knew the outcome of the show,” Ender said Click Here

Great Tips To Sell General Goods On Online Auctions

As long as the items Are in Top Condition, Will Buyers appreciate the Lower listing price and buy the items from you Rather Than A Higher-priced listing. Set up an QxBid Free make frequent store or auction listings to Showcase the diversity of your Inventory. Aim for a solid Supplemental Income, crack Until slowly expand your business it Endeavor Can Be Your sole. Will others follow suit, and soon the bottom Will Fall Out of the yarn market. Once you’ve built up a Reputation for Having Everyone Needs What, When broke need it, at a fair price, you Will Have a Bright Future as a seller of General Goods.

. Will someone tell need year-round. List all flaws in the items description, and document spots, Tears, scratches or with photos. Goods Makes This a general market for QxBid Steady Sellers.

This IS NOT to say That the market for Such Products never fluctuates, it does. Will This opened my over Rather Than overnight. Be forthcoming about item quality, or risk negative feedback and a Bad Reputation.

Be realistic with your goals. Quality and honesty key Are Used When dealing with items. Every butt overnight for Success, There are thousands WHO have to use hard work and Common Sense to make ends meet. The last thing you want to object is a worn item to a Buyer WHO Something Was expecting Pristine and perfect. One good way is to undercut Competitors Prices Buying Used or refurbished items. IF you see Too Many, start listing Different Goods Until Some of the Competition is gone. Effort, frugality, and excellent Customer Service Will Have a Huge Success impact on a merchants. Tools, bulk consumables, and hobby Supplies Are Examples of Products Which Are Always hot. When someone is browsing QxBid bulk yarn and notices That is fetching a Decent price, broke Will Be Tempted to list yarn of their own. Can and Will the market change, and swimming Always in your favor. This market allows Sellers to put up old fashioned virtues to work. The rises and false butt opened over much longer periods of time and tend to swear Less dramatic. And diversify, diversify, diversify! You do not want to depend on one item, or Even A few items, to Generate your Income. One pitfall for Sellers of Goods is general market saturation. IF you precisely to Sell Items on QxBid general, will frequent searches for items similar to Those’re Selling. Still, it Can EU frustration to lose revenue due to market saturation. There are true stories about WHO Sellers on QxBid made instant fortunes. You dont want to have to Sell off your Inventory at a loss.

Of all the Types of Items That Can EU Sold on QxBid, General Goods and consumables MOST behave like traditional business the Goods. The Huge Sales Are more elusive in this market, General Goods and consumables butt make for a slow and Steady Income That Is Quite Dependable.

General Goods and consumables Will Always Have a Place on QxBid. You Can often get bagged Products for low Prices, Sell said say for a profit on QxBid. Instead, Offer Many Different Types of Goods general market so slow That one wont affect your overall income are.

Selling General Goods on QxBid Might sound swimming or Selling Exciting as collectibles or antiques, butt it is Possible to make a good, general Constant Income from Selling Goods Click Here

The Negative Influences of Media on Society You Never Thought About

At that age, they are attracted to anything that’s flashy and anything that can make news.

The negative effects of media on children are manifested in terms of their changing mental setup and the declining quality of their lifestyle. When the two worlds mix, life becomes difficult.

Changed Outlook

To some extent, media is responsible for generating negative feelings among those exposed to it. There is no denying their amusement value or entertainment quotient. You want to wear the LBD just because you are a fan of Coco Chanel. And there are so many things you see around you, without choosing to watch them. But there are advertisements of expensive exercise equipment, and weight and fat loss programs. The only way to shield yourself from them, is to not allow them to influence you. Here, we will try to understand how media influences us negatively.

Media has negative effects on the physical and psychological well-being of society. With the intent of stressing their point or for grabbing greater attention from the masses, media hypes or exaggerates things to a certain degree. Media highlights controversies and scandals in the lives of celebrities. Media is everywhere, affecting every aspect of life.

You want to imitate an action sequence just because your favorite action hero looked ‘cool’ doing it. Advertisements carry subliminal messages influencing buyers’ psychology, or carry direct messages that bear a negative influence. Refrain from watching such programs or news. To get rid of a big nose or to get those big pouty lips, teenagers are ready to go under the knife.. This leads to a notion that thin is sexy and fat is not. The media is so overwhelming that the masses end up believing everything it says/shows. For example, the negative effects of addiction are portrayed through advertisements. The ‘awakening’ does not reach everyone or it reaches the masses in the wrong way. Depiction of the bad has a negative impact on kids not mature enough to interpret what they are being shown. This makes the overweight feel out of place. Those at a vulnerable age, especially children and teenagers, are highly influenced by anything that is put before them in a jazzy way. Sometimes, little things are blown out of proportion thus changing the way they are perceived by the audience. But unfortunately sometimes, the message is misconstrued. Any publicity is good publicity, you begin to feel.

When you try to imitate your role models from the glamor industry, do you give a thought to whether you are doing right or wrong? It is often seen that young girls and boys imitate celebrities blindly. This affects kids and teenagers the most, as they are exposed to things they might interpret wrongly or may not even understand at that age.


Health Problems

Media is held responsible for the change in eating habits of teenagers and the unhealthy lifestyle they are adopting. As a responsible adult (parent or teacher), exercise control on the media exposure that kids and teenagers get. It influences their behavior both positively and negatively. Thus, all the time, you are glued to some form of media. Media claims to depict the ‘today’, but not all types of media show only the truth. The masses fall for this being-in-the-news and end up imitating celebrities without much thought. People spending hours in front of a television or surfing the Internet experience eye problems. Don’t believe in them without thinking. The media is constantly bombarding us with information. The benefits of following a balanced diet are not being hyped anywhere. There’s no one advertising the benefits of eating fresh fruit everyday, no one’s promoting drinking 8 glasses of water daily. But isn’t it too much to blindly believe that they exist? Fiction is amusing only till the distinction between fact and fiction is clear. Use your judgment before following or falling for anything. Aren’t there ghost and vampire stories that media claims as real? These characters enter our world through books and movies. The craze for models or actors and actresses, makes teenagers want bodies and facial features like theirs.

Media portrayals give rise to stereotypes, affecting your mindset. It’s not possible to insulate yourself completely from the effects of media, even if you limit the exposure. The positive effects are surely celebrated by one and all. Media is exposing the masses to fast food products, canned food, fad diets, and energy drinks. Not everyone is able to filter that element. An early exposure to bold or violent films, books publishing adult content and news portraying ugly social practices has a deep impact on young minds. How far do we go to check its authenticity? How deep do we dig to get to the root of something that’s making news? How critically do we judge the reality of reality shows and the truth behind true stories? We don’t think, we believe. Just like them, even you want to be in the news. An inferiority complex and lowered confidence in people with not-so-perfect bodies can lead to eating disorders. Media influences them negatively. Newspapers, television and the Internet are used to convey social messages. Media sources are so many in number and all of them so convincingly make their point, that it is hard to distinguish between right and wrong. When this thought grips the minds of youngsters, they take to fad diets or turn to cosmetic surgeries to get that so-called perfect body. Most believe everything to be real, especially kids and teenagers.

Fact-Fantasy Confusion

Wrong Message


Vampires, werewolves, witches, ghosts – where did they come from? Fairies, superheroes, angels – where did they come from? It’s not only media to be blamed, as these characters belong to folklore. Haven’t you had experiences of a bad dream after watching a violent movie? Or of imagining something scary happening to you after watching a horror film? Or a sudden fear gripping your mind after reading about a murder in your city? The reality should be depicted but not Click Here

Casino-Gaming :: Why People Like Casinos?

You can change games whenever you want to. The fact is there are many reasons why people like casinos. We are able to buy a lottery ticket, take a chance on the spinning of a wheel, or use strategy to earn free cash.. In the online casino world meeting people from all over the world is a possibility. Whether you are sitting in a land casino or at home visiting the virtual world of casinos online, there is always that excitement. One, you can play online casino games and win money. If someone is playing the online casino poker they are thinking about what they need to bet. By playing five cents one could win a hundred dollars. As children, parents offer us different types of games to help us learn things like social skills and to keep us occupied. Many of us grow up still enjoying a game now and then. Craps, baccarat, Texas Hold’em and other games are always available online. This lucky feeling draws gamblers in every day.

There seems to be an inherent sense that games are enjoyable. Our first reason is the atmosphere of fun. The music that plays or the flashing lights of the online casino slots draw players in.

The four reasons we have listed above all center on two things. Instead they focus on the wins, the strategy it takes to win, and the good times they are having. If you are waiting for the bingo call to start you can be playing a slot machine to win a couple of dollars. If you have always wanted to try craps but could never afford the Vegas tables you can enter into a game online. Players can feel like they do not have to think about their problems, their stresses, when they are playing a game. They are also thinking what they need to do to win. The online casino games vary from slot machines and arcade games to variations of table games. It is also about playing the best poker players in the world at the online tournaments.

The online casino gambling also gives players a break from reality. It is about the free money. Roulette is another option of online casino games. They can learn about other cultures, other’s lives, and just have a great time. We have just listed a few.

Some of the gamblers will play online casino slots thinking that luck is on their side; that this once they will hit the button and win the million dollar jackpot. Gamblers can play someone in China while sitting in the UK. Enjoyment is always a key to playing online casinos.

It would be impossible to list every reason for why people like casinos, but we do have some of the top reasons that individuals find casinos and most importantly online casinos enjoyable. When we are adults we also get to enjoy the benefits of playing games for money. You do not just have to play one game.. It is also about meeting people Click Here

Richard Gere, ‘Arbitrage’ Star, On His Sporty Past

“He was very impressed that his dad had been a gymnast.”. To hear more about Gere’s first job, watch the video above.

We knew Richard Gere had a whole life before his star-making role in “American Gigolo,” but we didn’t know it involved a pommel horse.

His gymnast past impressed more than just us — his 12-year-old son, while watching the Olympics with his dad, was shocked to find out Gere used to pull off the same feats as the guys on TV.

“There’s a picture of me [at home] having just done a dismount — I was actually looking pretty good,” Gere said. Gere has since followed other pursuits; while he’s better known for acting, Gere and his wife also run a Relais and Chateaux, a boutique hotel and restaurant. It’s not his first time working in food services Click Here

Tipping Slot Attendants In Las Vegas

No, Don’t Ever Tip the Slot Attendants

I gamble my own money, I get lucky and win $500, and now I am suppose to tip the slot attendant who simply paid me the cash? It is a scam. The customer then thinks they won because the slot attendant pointed them too the machine originally. I tend to give a large tip too the cocktail waitress the first time I see her. Cash out your machine and find a floor supervisor or manager. For what? The slot attendant did nothing but take 3 minutes of her time to pay me my earnings.

It is a scam. Maybe in the old days, before all of this new computer generated tickets, I would consider tipping the slot attendant. It is very hard to survive in Las Vegas on minimum wage.

If you go to the same casino to play on a regular basis, a repeat customer, then you should always tip the slot attendants. If your slot attendant is rude, cash out, talk to a floor supervisor, and then move onto a new casino.

A slot attendant always needs to be polite and courteous to players regardless of whether they receive a tip or not. These people feel that the only thing the slot attendant did is put a ticket in the machine and count out your cash.

Many people who like to tip say “well the slot attendant pointed out the good machines too use”. They point many customers to many different machines. Here are both sides to the story.

The casinos that have tried to the no tipping policy have paid higher than minimum wage to their workers, but it was still not enough.

As for the other casino staff such as cocktail waitresses and blackjack dealers, if you tip or not is up too you. The problem though, is that in order to survive the slot attendant needs to receive tips.

Further Thoughts on Slot Attendants

Whether you choose to tip the slot attendants or not is a very personal choice. The slot attendants do not know any better then you do which gaming machines are the best too use. Slot attendants do not deserve a tip and never have.

Just because I won a $500 jackpot does not mean that I am ahead $500.

Most slot attendants will tend to be courteous, even if you do no tip them.

In todays world the casino could just as easily have the machine spit out a ticket and then I could take it to the cashiers’ cage to redeem my earnings. Did the slot attendant pitch in on the money I put in the machine? No. A lot of their income is based on tips. That means I am still down $200, and the slot attendant wants a tip. Casinos want players to keep playing after they win a jackpot, not pack up and move to a competitor’s casino.. As For Slot attendants, the only thing they can do is be rude too you. You should never feel forced to tip a slot attendant. They can point you out too machines that tend to pay off more often. Instead, the casino wants to verify that the win is authentic, and then have the slot attendant pay me my winnings.

Their have been casinos in the past that have tried a no tipping policy. On the same token, if you feel a customer does not receive a tip then do not tip them. They can get you paid out faster, and they will let the cocktail waitresses know that you tip so your drinks will come more often without waiting.

The slot attendant will then stare at you, hoping for tip.

Tipping is very personal, at the restaurant if you are not a regular tipper but you always eat there, then be prepared to have mucus in your food. I may have lost $700 before I won the jackpot. Most of them will lose. I don’t think so.

If you feel that you have received excellent customer service in a casino and want to tip the person or people, then go right ahead. Each night the slot attendants play a game of numbers. I call hors manure on that. The cocktail waitresses, the slot attendants, and all other casino personnel have no incentive to be friendly, prompt, and courteous to the casino patrons.

Yes, You Should Always Tip the Slot Attendants

Slot Attendants generally work for minimum wage. Image Credit: (Flickr/sophistechate)

Become A Slot Tech In Las Vegas

All Day Long Buffets In Las Vegas

The debate has raged on for years. Out of all of these customers, one may hit a jackpot. I also do not have to stumble with placing 2-3 quarters in her hand each time she brings me a new drink.

The debate on whether you should tip your slot attendant or not rages on. You should decide for yourself whether you want to tip a slot attendant. Explain to them how you won a mini-jackpot and was going to keep gambling here but instead you are taking your winnings to a different casino to play because you are tired of the slot attendant who is very rude too you, simply because you did not give her a tip.

If I have to tip a slot attendant to keep him or her happy then I will simply spend my money elsewhere. Every time those casino policies have failed. I then usually receive many drinks and get them without waiting. Good tips can encourage great customer service. It is all luck.

If you win a jackpot and don’t tip the slot attendant, and then receive poor and rude service from the slot attendant, quit playing. Many people feel if they hit a jackpot, regardless of the size, they should tip the slot attendant because he or she was the one that paid out the jackpot. Did the slot attendant give me money last week when I lost money?

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The Rise of China – CNNMoney


May 20: Property prices continued to rise last month in China, defying policymakers who have sought to cool the housing market while preserving robust economic growth. More

Jun 25: China’s central bank has allowed inter-bank borrowing costs to rise rapidly in recent days, a strategy that has the country’s shadow bankers on the run. More

Feb 20: Fine art buys are all the rage in the shadowy world of Chinese offshore money laundering. More

Jul 29: China and the European Union have reached an agreement over low-cost solar panels that should help reduce tensions between the key trading partners. More

Jul 22: China’s central bank has taken a tentative step toward interest rate liberalization in a move that could foreshadow major changes in the country’s banking sector. More

Dec 2: Regulators in China have pledged to end the country’s yearlong moratorium on IPOs and reform the way companies are approved for public trading on stock exchanges. More

Dec 12: Hong Kong’s weak IPO pipeline is getting a boost from an unlikely source — China’s ballooning bad debt. Deutsche Bank has started offering an exchange-traded fund on the New York Stock Exchange that gives Americans more direct access to mainland stocks. instead of Hong Kong has raised questions over whether the Asian city will ever regain its IPO crown. More

Mar 4: China’s annual parliamentary meetings kick off Wednesday, and all eyes are focused on the government’s progress on key reforms outlined last year. More

Mar 13: Copper prices are tumbling on fears China’s slowing economy could push more companies into default and flood markets with metal used to finance their debt. More

Mar 19: American companies operating in China expect slower revenue growth, investment and expansion this year. More

May 29: The IMF lowered its growth forecast for China Wednesday, saying the world’s second largest economy must bring a rapid expansion in credit under control and combat rising income inequality. More

Mar 7: A small Chinese solar firm has defaulted on its debt — the first of its kind for China — perhaps pointing to the end of 11th-hour government bailouts for troubled enterprises. More

Nov 7: Things just a little easier for investors who crave a slice of China’s markets. More

Jul 29: China has a government debt problem — but even Beijing doesn’t know exactly what is lurking on the books of local and provincial governments. More

Jun 10: In Beijing, the phrase “Chinese Dream” is everywhere. More

Nov 18: China released its first major reform plan on Friday, the result of a four-day meeting in Beijing of top Communist party officials. More

May 9: China’s wealthiest citizens are looking to secure their riches and improve the quality of their lives. But what does it mean? More

Apr 17: Home prices continued to climb in China last month as buyers rushed to complete sales before new government efforts to cool the country’s property market kicked in. More

Mar 19: A Chinese real estate developer is on the verge of bankruptcy, adding to hints the government is willing to let some pawns fall as it moves toward a more market-oriented economy. after a series of food scares damaged confidence in local supplies. More

Apr 8: China’s economy is slowing and growth in 2014 could fall short of the government’s official target, according to a CNNMoney survey of economists. More

Jan 22: China’s factories have lurched into 2014 at a reduced speed, with manufacturing activity falling to a six-month low. More

Jun 7: The U.K. More

Apr 14: Gross domestic product grew by 7.7% for the first three months of the year, slightly stronger than the government’s target of 7.5% but well below analyst expectations and weaker than the previous quarter. More

Apr 23: Yum said Wednesday that same-store sales in China dropped 20% in the first quarter, as it continues to grapple with the fallout from a food safety scandal and fears over a new strain of bird flu. More

Dec 18: China is slowly relaxing its grip on the yuan, allowing it to hit record highs against the U.S. More

Aug 13: The rapid redrawing of the world’s energy map is about to hit another milestone, as China overtakes the U.S. More

May 23: Fears of a slowdown in global growth were reinforced Thursday as a preliminary report on China’s manufacturing in May showed activity contracted for the first time in seven months. More

Oct 17: China’s economy powered ahead in the third quarter, gaining strength and taking some pressure off the country’s leaders as they seek to execute painful structural reforms. And many of them are looking to do it overseas. More

Jul 10: A raft of data suggests economic growth in China is slowing, a trend that will test the resolve of the country’s leaders as they seek to execute painful but necessary structural reforms. More

Mar 20: China’s yuan has tumbled to its lowest level in a year, just days after the country’s central bank doubled its trading range against the dollar. More

Feb 9: China is failing to collect billions in taxes from some of its wealthiest citizens, hampering efforts to tackle a widening gap between rich and poor. More

Apr 9: Chinese families are scouring the globe for powdered baby milk, creating shortages as far afield as the U.K. as the biggest importer of oil. More

Dec 26: A recent government think tank report estimates China’s total government debt is expected to have hit $4.6 trillion, or roughly 53% GDP, by the end of 2012. More

Jan 10: China is poised to become the world’s top trading nation, a position long held by the United States. More

Jul 18: A global survey finds a growing number of people around the world think China will supplant the United States as the world’s top superpower. More

Nov 10: What began as a holiday for singles has morphed into China’s busiest online shopping day. More

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