Are there any strategies for winning roulette?

The reason he stated it was because of the Mathematical advantage the house has over the Gambler/Player called the house edge.

Secondly the Version 5 Level 1 Double 1- 36 plus 0 no’s (European Roulette) and 1-36 plus 0 00 no’s (American Roulette) Level 2 Tripple the same thereafter play 3 number columns at 11/1 Very close to perfect Strategy or System

If it makes 50 chips per hour it can make the average person on the street a multi millionaire in 2 years and will be the confirmed International Scientific Peer Review Generally Accepted Strongest Strategy , System and Manipulation on Planet Earth . Roubot Roulette is scaring the living daylights out of some Casino’s Counter Strategists.

The third system is the highly advanced Wendelitics , a Mathematics Wendel Professional Attempt that is being distributed in a very limited fashion amongst Mathematics and Applied Mathematics and Information Technology Campusses on the top Universities of the world.

In the seventh place “Cash Cow” that is not a Strategy or System but a m88bc Bonus and Incentive Manipulation Scheme from Casino to Casino is widely reported to work. A 5 star system will be the best and a 1 star system the worst.

Roulette Peer Review Generally International Accepted Grading and/or Rating Standards :

Also check out these sites :

Several Claims has been made in this regard , by several Strategy and System Designers.

The Peer Review Roulette Generally International Accepted Rating and Grading Standard

In the eight place “Reversed Roulette” Strategy / System by Lou Underhill is the most famous system to be widely marketed to the public and is confirmed by the Applied Mathematics Departments of various Universities around the globe to move the house edge to the player edge mathematically.

of Strategies , Systems and Manipulations

The Peer Review Generally Accepted Strongest Strategies , Systems and Manipulations is the 10 reported strategies that by International Peer review consensus does beat Mathematically the house edge and those that are either busy with tests or in an advance stage of preliminary testing. Kimo Li will show you how Mr. It is very complicated for the General Public , but Professional Gamblers has used it very successfully.Many Professional Gamblers has reportedly made a fortune with this Strategy System over the years , but it only works in the VIP Sections of Casino’s (You are the lesser evil , and the rest of the table the greater evil , so the Casino’s options to “spin” you off the table is severely limited. Currently the results are unknown and the secret system is not available to the general public.


Furthermore additionally on the following statement is made : “‘The Roulette Formula,’ by Kimo Li, is not an easy read. The highest rated purchasable by the public systems confirmed by audits and/or international review is “Reversed Roulette by Lou Underhill and Cash Cow that is not a Strategy or System but a Bonus and Incentive Manipulation Scheme. Therefor only looking at Strategies and Systems confirmed to change THE HOUSE EDGE to THE PLAYER EDGE in the long run , BY THE TEST OF TIME ” Reversed Roulette ” by Lou Underhill , a professional Ex Gambler , is based on Peer Review Scientific International Consensus the best.

There are also two sytems that according to some reviewers falls in this Category , but International Consensus does not exist upon it

One system use Wheel Electronic Robot Counters. Grading by 1 to 5 stars just like the Movies. In Christopher Pawlicki’s book, ‘Get the Edge at Roulette: How to Predict Where the Ball Will Land,’ and Russell T. This means currently nobody has yet Internationally Officially Proven Albert Einstein wrong.

The Ten reported Strongest Strategies and Systems on Planet Earth based on Generally Accepted International 1-5 stars and Percentages Roulette Grading :

Many attempts has been made through history in this regard to develop a strategy or system in this regard. They tease us about this wonder system. This gives them a grading in stars 1- 5 and percentages. This is not taking Electronic Robots and Artificial Intelligence Robots like Roubot Roulette and software systems like Roulette Botpro , Roulette Killer and Roulette Sniper into account)

Power Professional Roulette Method etc at the pro 100 site

There is also a Few Systems in the world that is not widely enough audited and reviewed by enough independant reviewers to Scientifically compare as exactly as possible it to others :

3. Cash Cow can be purchased by the public.

2. Using the Roulette Formula equals if not exceeds the impact that was generated from counting cards in blackjack. Everything Kimo Li claims is true. The International Standards to compare Systems with each other very successfully is based on 3

Acclaim is also made about the Holy Grail with the G.U.T. Darnborough’s ability to wheel watch and track numbers. However, the concepts will blow your mind. I have applied only one of many concepts and have been consistently winning at the tables. The uttermost overwhelming majority has severely failed over the test of time to proove Albert Einstein wrong , although in the short time some of them helped Players with short time substantial wins.

Although it is very difficult , here are a few pointers in the correct direction – how do you win at Roulette ?

Alternatively put – Is there any strategies / systems / manipulations either known or reported to work on the Internet.

Up to date in history nobody has yet been successful to claim the challenge prize of Australian Dollars $ 100 000 , 00 , but 10 potential candidates exist based upon International Consensus , and 2 others make serious claims (although international consensus by the most forward Strategy and System and Manipulation Grading Experts does not exist)

Unfortunately I don’t know which Strategy of System you plan to use.

There are 10 systems in the world that can Mathematically beat the House Edge and transfer it to the Player Edge.

The theoretical but practical applied 5.00 stars and 100.00 % Peer Review Generally Internationally Accepted Strategy or System or Manipulation is known as the

1. Universal Theory strategy System by Forum Member “Winkel”

at VLS Roulette Forum


In the ninth place the US $ 10 on 0 and 00 , US $ 75 on 1-18 and US $ 50 on 25 -36 is confirmed by years of experience dealers in Las Vegas in the United States of America that it “seems” to work due to the reason that dealers are taught to spin 0 and 00 more ofted than mathematical theory predict (ir order to give casino’s the maximum amount of profit against players) and therefor “seems” to work although the Mathematics is unsound.

Firstly the one chip on one column and one chip on another column together with Mathematical Benomial Distribution Theory. However , severely fails for the Novice Gambler without a throrough understanding of Mathematical Benomial Distribution theory together with standardised Roulette Dealer De Facto Spinning Practices. This is where the gambler “buzz” from the 10 minute , 15 minute , 30 minute strategy system comes from.

Since various researchers has done ten’s of thousands of hours of study together with different Mathematical Theories practical applied to understand why certain systems “seems” to work better than others , it has given Strategy and System Designers important hints to develop even stronger systems , especially when developing the strongest possible Strategy and/or System of every Class , specifically stating its Strenghts and Weaknesses and then comparing it to other Classes ‘ Most Possibly Known Strongest Systems , again noting the Strengths and Weaknesses. Another might make very slowly money , but has very close to perfect or much better security.

Albert Einstein stated by implecation that it is impossible to win against the house in Roulette. Works for the Professional but very seldom for the Novice Gambler.

Fifthly , user “Pactole” of vls roulette forum , that also uses has taken up the Australian Dollars $ 100 000 , 00 to crack the ” Holy Grail ” 5.00 star 100 % beat the casino on their own game. For the purpose of programming Demonstration Money , also known as Demo Money or Fun Money or Practice Account Money or Free Money the same as Real Money the overwhelming most of RNG Programmes let the user “win” against the casino the first in some cases 10 minutes , in others 15 minutes and in others 30 minutes and thereafter the Casino. Extremely serious discussions is currently taking place amongst most casino’s in the world for a counter strategy. They describe Mr. One System might have the Strength to quickly make money on the Short time , but very weak Security Features against the Casino for the Player. In the case of Roubot Roulette , the Artificial Intelligence Robot that makes money for you while you sleep , the Net Price and Benefits Ratio compared to the cost is quantum leaps better than quite a few Strategies and Systems for Sale. As the majority of casino’s on the planet has either banned or blacklisted such devices it is regarded as impractical to apply.

(If the 15 chips per hour confirmed is true , it will be the third Peer Review Internationally Audited System in the world after the Holy Grail Flagship Master and secondly the 46 Chromosones Junior Holy Grail Flagship Master of Arthur John Boettcher Jr of Pretoria , South Africa , (currenly none of these two Strategies/Systems is available to the general public))

In the tenth place Arthur John Boettcher Jr of Pretoria South Africa has indicated on vls roulette forum , that unless somebody else comes up with a stronger system , he is prepared to partake in the Australian Dollars $ 100 000 , 00 challenge in the “spins” test with his “Holy Grail Flagship Master Strategy System”

based on the 40,00 % or 2.00 Stars Money Factor , 40,00 % or 2.00 Stars Security Factor

Sixthly the 10 minute , 15 minute , 30 minute rule to play against RNG Casino’s is reported widely to work. Many Scientific Researchers regard Robot and Software Systems such as Roulette Bot Pro , Roulette Killer and Roulette Sniper with a little bit lower Rating but as in the same class as Roubot Roulette , the Artificial Intelligence Robot that makes money for you on the internet while you are sleeping , Socializing , at work or on Holiday. Other international Years of Experience Independant Reviewers demand a billion spins test.

Additional claims made on the internet about the Holy Grail of Roulette – Google or Yahoo “Holy Grail of Roulette” and follow what comes up.

The first four programmes is very difficult for the average person to get a hold of.

Forum User “Speedomes” from has stated on the forum the Holy Grail does exist , 99,99 % is still searching for it , and he will proove it to dealers only

Currently the best international Strategy and System’s Designers is pushing for the 40 % Money , 40 % Security and 20 % All other factors (all the factors of the proposal of the Relaxed Roulette System Play All Day Grading plus any others potentially in the specific particular case). Grading by 0.00 % up to 100.00 % . Darnborough beat the game of roulette without the so called secret partner whom supposedly gave him signals.” The follwoing comment is also made on the same site : American Roulette Decoded “If you like solving puzzles, you will enjoy this book. Final Results of these tests has not been oficially released yet The most of the International Scientific Professional Strategy and Systems Graders is of the opinion that software Strategy and Systems is normally much stronger than those of people , just like Garry Kasparov , former Chess World Champion was beaten 3.5 2.5 by Deeper Blue.

Of these the Roubot Roulette has the highest international grading and the Holy Grail Flagship Master of Arthur John Boettcher Jr , of Pretoria , South Africa , the highest international grading of unaudited Strategies Systems and Manipulations that are not robots or software systems but human design Strategies , Systems and Maipulations. Barnhart’s book, ‘Beating the Wheel,’ these authors talk about a man named William Nelson Darnborough. After years of rumors that such a system once existed, one man comes forward and offers the secret to the world, Kimo Li. But they do not tell us how it works because it is too complex to explain. Kimo Li is truly a ‘master’ of roulette.”

Just like the Mathematical World has put up US $ 1 million for every one of the 7 most difficult to proove Mathematical Questions , of which to date 1 was broken and 6 remains unsolved , a Challenge Prize of Australian Dollars $ 100 000 is up for grabs for the person that passes the million spins test successfully as the internationally verified “proof” that Albert Einstein was wrong and the house can be beaten.

IT EST : by internationally officially cracking and confirmed by Peer Review and Audit

Because of the house edge Best Sites plus the correct Strategy or System (European) Sky Vegas (American) Bet Voyager (No Zero)

Additional Strategies , Systems and Manipulations that also make the Holy Grail Claim , either directly , or by Preliminary by Unaudited Review Reports include the following :

User “Albalaha” of VLS Roulette Forum has stated in his “My Holy Grail Challenge for All” that he has a Strategy System with a Table Limit Spread of 1 – 500 (Most Land Based Casino’s on 1/1 and 2/1 has either a 1-20 spread or 1-40 spread and many internet casino’s have either a 1-50 , or 1-100 or 10-500 spread. The largest spread is Sky Vegas with a US $ 1 to US $ 25000 spread) that will show a profit of 15 to 50 chips per hour.

I also don’t know the American/European/French/No Zero Roulette Wheel Question / Answer.Some information on betting strategies and systems includes the following (that might give you pointers in the correct direction) :. ‘The Roulette Formula: How to Predict the Exact Number,’ by Kimo Li, is the Holy Grail of roulette. A 0.00 % system will be the worst and a 100.00 % system the best

As a rule of thumb Strategies and Systems and Manipulations with a higher price in United States Dollars are normally much better than those

Of a lower price , although it is not always the case. Using the different factor grading as proposed by the owners of the public available Relaxed Roulette System Play All Day.

The other system is Roulette Roubot , an artificial intelligence Robot that beats the online RNG Casino’s at their own game. Many of the New Generation 21 st Century Strategy or Systems uses either completely or partially new developed ideas or the Combination in different levels of different Systems. Perhaps it is the the greatest secret ever revealed in modern times. A 5.00 star sytem will score 100.00 % and a 1.00 star sytem 20.00 % etc.

The fourth is Bandelitics , a highly advanced programme , and very complicated.

and 20,00 % 1.00 Star for All Other Known and Potential Factors

On e-bay a system is sold called : The Holy Grail of Roulette System – UNIVERSAL $400/Hr No other system compares. There is more than 10 000 different versions and types of Strategies and Systems and Manipulations. Universal Holy Grail FLAWLESS Price: US $1 200 , 00 (It must be stated to the public that copies of this is severely limited – currently only 10 available to protect wide knowledge and access and usage of it)

However the Roulette Generally Internationally Accepted 1 to 5 star and 0.00 % up to 100.00 % Grading and /or Rating System indicates which are based on current known data , amongst the Top Strategy and System Designers and Rating / Grading Experts considered by known Roulette Generally Internationally Accepted Criteria the Consensus Generally Internationally Accepted Strongest Stategies , Systems and Manipulations on Planet Earth.

3 Systems currently busy with testing include the one by user “Pactole” of vls roulette forum and Wendelitics and Bandelitics. Kimo Li has genuinely sovled the mystery behind the creation of the American roulette wheel. Usually with Software Systems such as Roulette Sniper , Roulette Killer , Roulette Botpro that is also the case.

The New Generation 21st Century Internationally Generally Accepted Strongest Systems uses in a lot of instances these principles to obtain better systems for the Player against the Casino

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These are the basics of sports betting advice. The details of calculating odds are far more complex. If you're not up to that challenge, then your best bet is to give one of the online systems a try. Take these tips into consideration when choosing one, and watch your winnings increase.
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These are the basics of sports betting advice. The details of calculating odds are far more complex. If you're not up to that challenge, then your best bet is to give one of the online systems a try. Take these tips into consideration when choosing one, and watch your winnings increase.

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